Pregelix News

10/2014 Pregelix-0.2.12 has been released!
08/2014 Our paper about the Pregelix system has been accepted to VLDB'15!
06/2014 Two graduate student groups succussefully defended their course projects related to Big Graph analytics in CS295-Big Data Projects, using Pregelix as a platform!
05/2014 Jacob Biesinger defended his PhD thesis "Toward a More Accurate Genome: Algorithms for the Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data". The third chapter of the thesis is about a distributed genome assembler built on-top-of Pregelix. Congratulations, Jake! google presentation, pptx, pdf
05/2014 Yingyi gives a Pregelix talk at UCSD.
10/2013 Yingyi presents a Pregelix student poster at SoCC'2013.
07/2013 Pregelix Release 0.2.9 is now available to download!